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Hypergrid.Me‘s services are for members only. Basic membership is free.
For paid plans, you can take advantage of our rock bottom pricing or earn Free Discount Codes through That Place Amusements.

Super Powerful servers in professional Data Centers!

  • Always on, even if your computer isn’t.

  • Easy weekly or monthly pricing!

  • Super fast 1,024mbps (1gbps) connections.

  • Professional Windows Gaming Servers

  • 1 OAR or IAR load per week FREE!

  • Initial setup of your IARs and OARs are free when purchasing a grid or region membership.

  • Automatic region backups every 24hrs saved for 7 days!*

* One (1) Free Restore per Week per Region. Does not apply to externally hosted regions.
  • Automated Off-Site backups included FREE!

  • May request copies of OAR backups at any time, please allow up to 3 days for delivery.

  • Private and Secure!

    • No membership levels allow command line / desktop access to the servers. Direct access to OpenSim instances is allowed to in-house staff only & only if previously authorized by the region/grid owner with the exception of routine maintenance.


Whether you’re looking to give OpenSim a try, or are an experienced Grid God, we’ve got you covered!

Our Windows Shared Servers are ideal for personal use, or we have true Dedicated Servers available for those wanting to do something a bit bigger.


Want a custom setup?
No problem, just contact us and we’ll get you fixed right up at prices no one can beat!


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Want to test the performance?
That Place Amusement Grid runs Dreamworld on a shared server!



Level Price  
Free Subdomain - https://YourName.Hypergrid.Me Free Select
4 x OSGRid Landscape Regions $4.99 now and then $2.99 per Month. Select
OSGRid Full Region $9.95 now and then $4.99 per Month. Select
4 x Metropolis Landscape Region $4.99 now and then $2.99 per Month. Select
Metropolis Full Region $9.95 now and then $4.99 per Month. Select
Mini-Grid (4 Regions) $49.95 now and then $29.95 per Month. Select