Coming Soon!

We're building the first Universal Marketplace for Opensimulator's Hypergrid Community.
Independently operated, our marketplace is not affiliated with any specific grid!

The universal Opensim Hypergrid Marketplace!

Hypergrid Market is not affiliated with any grid. Every store is owned by the individual seller. We do not impose strict Terms of Service policies, charge a fortune in fees, put holds on your payments or any of the other nonsense the “leading” Opensim marketplace currently does.

Different by Design

We’re merging the simple convenience of shopping online with the interactivity & realism of shopping in virtual worlds. It’s an entirely new approach to shopping online, and while initially we will only support Opensimulator items, objects, EEPs, etc. for sale, we plan to expand into buying real world items as things progress.

How we’re different

  • No local account required – you can sell using any avatar from any hypergrid enabled world.
  • Instant Payment – Payments are sent directly to your Paypal account, no 45 day waiting period.
  • Flat monthly or yearly fees starting at free, no percentage or per transaction charges!
  • Sell online, in-world, or both – Sell on the website only, or link your account to our in-world vendors and seamlessly link your in-world store with the website.