About Us

Who we are…

HyperGrid.Me is part of the Fedora Prime family of sites. Fedora Prime LLC was founded in 1998 and has provided quality internet services through various mediums for almost 2 decades. With over 20 years of experience and solid financial backing, we’re a startup you can put your faith in!


Why we’re cheap or even free…

Most opensim hosting companies charge per region and you generally have to connect to their grid. Finding a host that is both affordable and that gives you the resources you need to run a stable sim is extremely difficult. After 9 years on Second Life, we ventured into the world of Opensim and experienced first hand how hard it can be to find a stable, affordable host so we reached out to more than 20 years of contacts in the hosting industries, drank a few beers, haggled a bit, twisted a few arms and got some of the best deals out there. Quality hardware at rockbottom prices hosted in Premium datacenters with direct routes to all major U.S. and international backbones.


Why there’s games…

One thing we noticed straight away is that while there is certainly plenty of content out there, OpenSim faces the same problem new Second Life regions face; your sim can be the most beautiful, amazing world in the metaverse but how do you get people there? The answer on Second Life has been fishing and scavenger hunting for many years, but before that it was Casinos. Before the great Casino Purge back when Linden allowed them, they were all the rage. So we did some digging, picked a few lawyers’ brains and came up with a Fully Legal solution that allows our users to play our casino games, earn rewards, and still stay within the confines of U.S. gambling laws.


What’s the deal with the CPUs?

Most Opensim grids shy away from VPS hosting because it generally causes lag, this is due to the fact that at best you’ll get access to 4 vCPUs or 4 cores of that host machine’s physical CPUs shared with God knows how many other users, usually 80-90% capacity doing God knows what.

By tailoring our services specifically to Opensim Dreamworld, we are able to give access to up to 24 vCPU cores on a “fair share” policy. That policy is pretty simple, when your sim needs the CPU for something it sends a request like normal, our XenServer hosting system automatically grants CPU access based off of “priority”. The higher your membership level, the higher your CPU priority. But to keep things fair, we limit each node to a handful of users, roughly 60% capacity. Due to our contracts with various datacenters, we get our servers very cheap and pass on those savings to you!